Understanding organizations

What is an organization? The dictionary definition of an organization is “Something that is organized”. It could be a family, school, church or foot ball team. Or, it could be a corporation, army or government. “Organization” is a social unit with some specific purpose(s). Organization need to have agency management system.

“Organizing” is a subject of the larger activity of “managing”. It is the process by which the structure of an organization is created and maintained.  Agency Management System is part of organization.The process includes:

  • The determination of the specific activities necessary to accomplish objectives
  • The grouping of activities and assigning these to specified positions/persons.
  • The creation of a network of positions/persons for purposes of planning, motivation, communication, coordination and control.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The word “organization” may be used to refer to the process of organizing, the structure that evolves out of this process and the processes/activities that take place within it. crm and safe is part of agency management system which are require for success of any organisation.

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