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At a given point in the time of history, Ford Motors relied more on centralization and General Motors on decentralization, the crucial aspect that accounts for the difference is how an organization adapts itself to the environment. Organization being part of the society affects and is affected by the changes in society. The changes could be social, economic, technical, legal or political; they could be in input like labor, capital, material etc or output markets.


 It is essential to develop a perspective understanding about organizations because human behavior and organizational behavior are influenced by the people in organizations and the specific characteristics in the basic elements in the organizations and the way they adapt themselves to the environment. A legal services in the New Jersey area can have influence from local area. There is considerable body of knowledge and literature, called organization theories, developed over the years reflecting what goes on in organization. Organization theories are sets of propositions which seek to explain or predict how individuals and groups behave in different organizational structures and circumstances.


The study of organizations covers all areas of knowledge covering a wide range of disciplines from A to Z and includes physics, philosophy, politics and psychology.


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