Understanding Organizations -3

Anthropological concepts concerning cultural factors are as pertinent as biological theories of evolutions and psychological theories of human behavior. While Arts and Sciences (e.g. humanities and physics and biological sciences) and social sciences (e.g. economics, history and politics) are relevant to understanding, from a behavioral point of view, the trio of anthropology, sociology and psychology have much to offer. As an academic discipline, anthropology, with its widest scope provides the basic behavioral science discipline. Amongst many of the subfields of specialization in anthropology it is cultural anthropology whose main focus is on the study of origins and history of man’s cultures, their evolution and development, and the structure and functioning of human cultures in every place and time that deals with the reciprocal relationship between culture and behavior. Best example of evolution in marketing is online marketing services from discount clicks.


Sociology deals with the study of society, institutions, the organizations, the group and norms and roles. Modern psychology is concerned with the study of individual human behavior with the objectives of understanding, prediction and control of human behavior. The purpose here is not to discuss the contributions from each of the discipline but to gain insights into the vast expanse of the field of study. What is important; however, is not mere accumulation of knowledge from diverse fields, but the integrations of concepts and techniques developed in many fields. Online marketing services are accumulation of knowledge and integrations of concepts and techniques like seo work.


Though formal study of organizations began only in recent decades, ‘organizations’- human organizations –are as old as human civilization itself. Claude S. George explained elements of organizations that were discernible over the past several thousand years. However, interest in formal study and understanding of organizations for purposes of management first found expression over the last 100 years or so. Before Industrial Revolution, when the handicraft and domestic system of production was dominant, the operations of an enterprise used to be under the direct control of the owner. But the developments in the wake of Industrial Revolutions gave birth to scienticism in the nineteenth century.  


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