The Classical Viewpoint

Just past weekend I went to an online store which sells blinds, shades, and window treatments. As my cousin bought a house and he wanted to get some ideas on the blinds. While I was shopping on i start to think will this ever be outdated will it go out of fashion or out of shades. Then I thought this is a classical product which dates back many centuries. Yes designs have changed but concept remains same. The same way the concept of Classical viewpoint of organizational design and structure


The Classical Viewpoint


In the late 18th century three streams of concepts i.e. bureaucracy, administrative theory and scientific management began to be developed. These concepts have come to be popularly known as classical concepts or classical theories of organizations. The structure of an organizations received emphasis under this school of thought. According to the classical view, “An organization is the structure of the relationships, power, objectives, roles, activities, communications and other factors that exist when persons work together.”


The streams of concepts in the “classical” mould are based on the same assumptions, but are developed rather independently. Bureaucracy as a concept, first developed by Max Weber, presents a descriptive, detached, scholarly point of view. Administrative theories not only described macro aspects of organizations but also focused on principles and practice for better performance. Scientific management thought focused mainly on micro aspects like individual worker, foreman, work process, etc. The classical theories on the whole, with scientific management stream consider the three streams of classical theories briefly: i.e. Bureaucracy, Administrative theory and Scientific Management.





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