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Rules and Regulations

The features which characteristic bureaucracy have been identified by Max Weber by analyzing the way modern officialdom functions. The more important features are considered here briefly.  


Rules and Regulations:- 

The three elements that constitute bureaucracy include: 

-fixed formal rules and regulations specifying official duties in a given structure that imposes jurisdictional limits


-distributions of formal, positional authority to give commands required for discharging duties at various level


-methodological provision for the fulfillment of duties and for the execution of corresponding rights by people with prescribed qualifications


The emphasis is on consistency. Tickets in London are having very good consistency. Objective rationality structures sought through impersonal means. Behavior is subject to discipline and control within the framework of rules.  



The principle of hierarchy authority in paramedical structures is common to all bureaucracies. Each position in the hierarchy covers an over which it has complete jurisdictions in terms of division of work, competence, authority and responsibility. Music tickets, Concert Tickets are work of authority and responsibility. Power and authority are delegated downward, beginning at the top, from each supervisor to his subordinates. The system firmly orders supervision of the lower offices by the higher authority according to a laid down procedure.


Paper Work :- 

Every decision and the process thereof is recorded in a wide array of writer documents and preserved in their original and draft form.  


Professional Qualifications and Expert Training:-


Recruitment is based on qualifications and ability. Skills are learnt through training and experience. Conformity with rules ensures job security. Promotions are based on seniority and merit. Knowledge of rules requires a special technical training which the officials possess. Such knowledge concerns jurisprudence and administrative rules and procedures.  


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