Functional Aspects of bureaucracy

B Structure 


By structuring the duties and responsibilities and reporting relationship in a command hierarchy the organization is provide a form of structure. Structure sets the pace and framework for organizational processes. 


C Predictability and Stability 


The rules, regulations, training, specialization and structure impart predictability and thereby ensure certainty and stability to an organization. The insistence on conformity to rules and roles in the framework of a given structure, regulations and jurisdictional limits, bring some order to cope with complexity and provide for certainty in the midst of uncertainty. Merchant Account Provider is good example of stability.


D Rationality 


Since the criteria for decision-making in routine situations is prescribed ahead of events emphasizing consistency in dealing with organizational questions, a measure of objectivity is ensured in organizations. 


E Democracy 


Bureaucracy makes an organization more democratic by emphasizing more on qualifications and technical competence for purpose of recruitment and highlighting the jurisdictional roles of people at all levels in a hierarchy. The top officials may have acquired the position through election, appropriation or succession but down the level in the hierarchy the processes are guided by laid down rules, regulations, policies and practices than patronage or other privileged treatment.  


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