Management in real life

We are talking Organizational Design, Development and Change in our blog here. Today we are going to talk different than management and organization. Last monday my son run fast towards me.  He told me that his teacher let them go home early because she had to attend a seminar.  My son went to the house of his friend.  In there, they play a video game.  They had fun there.  My son asked me to buy him also a video game just like the video game of his friend. 

I went to a mall to look for a video game just like with his friend.  My son expected me to come home with that video game.  But unfortunately I don’t find what he asked me to buy for him.  I’m getting a hard time to look for one.  When I was looking for many “Play and Charge Kit” which was displayed there, one salesman come near me and ask me what kind of Play and Charge Kit I want.  I told him what I want, but the salesman told me that they don’t have that kind.

But instead he showed me one Xbox 360.  It looks good.  I asked him what makes it different to others.  He told me that Xbox 360 contains a wireless controller and Xbox 360 play and charge kit.  He said that wireless controller is one of the best video gaming system accessories on the market today.  With a wireless controller, video gamers no long have to worry with troublesome wires getting in their way during game play. The salesmen show me Pioneer HTS-GS1 Surround Sound system, which was made specifically for Xbox. He told me this system lets me feel like I am right in the middle of the action. I not like that. I asked the salesman… “How about the headset?”  What’s the use of it?  He told me that almost everyone were using headset to play with enjoyment.  It allows video gamers the ability to chat with other players while playing their video games on-line. This makes the interactive video gaming experience take on a much more extreme level for gamers all over the world.  I feel glad with what this entire salesman told me.  I rushed to pay it, and went home as fast as I can because I want my son to see what I got.  More than he expected.  He tried to play it and use the headset and wireless controller.  He told me that it’s really more enjoyable to play it.

So, I buy it for my son and come back home. Real life management is little different than what we are talking here in our previous post. I was happy that I was able to make him happy at last. It was not what he was looking for but its better than what he want.


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