Dsfunctional Apects -2

We talk in our previous post that Bureaucracies, particularly in large complex organizations, may have unintended consequences which are often referred to as dysfunctional aspects of bureaucracy.


Empire building

People in bureaucracy often view that the office that hold bestows on them a sense of ownership and privilege with the result there could often be a tendency to use one’s position and resources than of the organization. When we talk about


As Max Weber observed, once it is fully established, it is hard to destroy bureaucracy even it is has outlived its utility. A common tendency in bureaucracies is to relate power and prestige with the number of subordinates a person has. Therefore the effort, more often than not, it to increase the number of people employed under one’s control.


Red Tape

Bureaucracies procedures involve much paper work and routing through proper channel causing inordinate delays and frustration. The procedures are nevertheless valued, perpetuated and multiplied for their own sake also to pass the buck to others in the chain of hierarchy as far as responsibility for failure go. The negative aspects of bureaucracies can however be overcome if the individual needs and organizational goals are properly reckoned.


Whatever the progress in the thinking about and in the actual working of modern organizations, bureaucracy has remained an integral and concomitant feature. There is no use wishing it away. There us every need to understand it better and cope with the possible problems effectively and proactively.




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