In last post we talked about formal information in organization. Today we continue our talk on that. Informal organization has both functional and dysfunctional aspects while in formal organization the functional aspects such as conflicting objectives, restriction of output, inertia and resistance to change have received wide attention. With the result, there is often a misconception about the counter-productive role of informal organization. Changes within organization are not easy to be accepted by the employee. Like if we change window blinds in our house from horizontal to vertical blinds with roman shades than that’s also not easy to be accepted. Formal communication helps to implement changes easily and smoothly in organization.


Informal communication channels like grapevine and rumor are the most potent forces in any organization. Since these move fast and concern recent happenings affecting people at work in terms of what they know, managements should deal with and use them rather than ignore or curb informal communication channels. In reality, informal organization can reinforce and facilitate the functional aspects of formal organization in the following ways:


  1. It is very useful channel for communication in the organization, if properly used. It can become an effective supplement to the formal system of communication.
  2. It blends with the formal system and facilitates smoother, speedier and effective flow of work.
  3. It provides satisfaction and stability to work groups.
  4. It reduces the adverse impacts of the rigidity of formal organization.

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