This is the output or transaction side of the matrix. Depending on how many people holding a specialist orientation, either resource or output, the organization needs, these groupings can develop several echelons in response to the practical limits of the span of control of any line manager. At the foot of the matrix is the two-boss manager. This manager is responsible for the performance of a defined package of work. The manager is given agreed-upon financial resources and performance targets by superiors on the output side, and negotiated human and equipment resources from the resource manager. The two streams, taken together, constitute the work package. The manager is responsible for managing these resources to meet performance targets. To perform, the manager must handle high volumes of information, weigh alternatives, make commitments on behalf of the organization as a whole, and be prepared to be judge by the results. A manager of blinds company who are selling vertical blinds and roman shades online, need to use all information related to online business as well as the real customers. This form of organization induces the manager to think and behave like a general manager.


Even in a fully developed matrix organization, only a relatively small proportion of the total number of people in the organization will be directly in the matrix.


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